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|| Goals & Missions

VISION - Aspiration

Become an absolute RELIABLE Logistics service providerpartners in Singapore and reach out to partners around the WORLD.
Expanding market share in the national market, Brand positioning.

Core core value

  • Best Quality (Excellence): We always try our best to bring products and services with the best quality within the due time.
  • Integrity: Always striving to gain the trust of all partners and customers, creating trust in the community;
  • Professionalism: Standardization in all activities to serve customers in the most effective way, improve business efficiency;
  • Innovation: Always innovate and create in work and technology to bring the best products and services to customers;
  • Caring: We always take care of customers in a dedicated and thoughtful way so that customers are always satisfied with the products and services we provide.

See creative spirit as the foundation for development.

  • See people as the Company's assets, the factor that creates success
  • See teamwork, honesty as the motto of action
  • See differences and breakthroughs as competitive advantages.


Internal :

Bring good value, profit for the company.

Outside :

“The mission and goal is to serve hundreds of existing customers and continue to develop a wide variety of customers in the import-export, manufacturing and trading industries, bringing the best and cost-optimal logistics solutions. fee.

  • For customers: Respect and commitment to bring customers the best products and services.
  • For partners: Building a relationship of trust, prestige, cooperation for sustainable development.
  • For employees: Build a friendly, professional, dynamic and creative working environment so that everyone can bring out their full potential.
  • For society: Always be aware that the benefits of LUX EXIM are associated with social benefits and activities that contribute to society are part of LUX EXIM's responsibility to the community.